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Does Acupuncture Hurt?

This is a great question. I'm gonna tell you something that might knock your socks off - not only is acupuncture not painful, but it's also incredibly relaxing. My patients have said it's the most relaxed they've ever felt, and most fall asleep during their treatment.

Why? Here's a scientific explanation. One way acupuncture works is to activate your parasympathetic or calm nervous system. It puts your body into parasympathetic mode because that's where healing occurs. If your body is in the opposite nervous system - the sympathetic or stressed state - you can't heal. Your body is prioritizing your survival and not healing itself.

Putting your body into a calm state is just one of the ways acupuncture works to trigger your body's own innate healing systems, bring you back into balance, and attain true healing.

Some acupuncturists use a painful technique that patients can feel. I don’t practice this way because I’ve found that the body is incredibly intelligent and doesn’t like to be yelled at; it wants to be gently pushed to heal itself. If you’re looking for a strong, painful technique, you won’t find that at my office.

I’ve done over ten thousand hours of acupuncture treatments and my gentle technique has proven effective. Make an appointment today, I look forward to helping you, too.


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