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How Often Do You Need Acupuncture?

Steps to healing with acupuncture

Here's what I tell all of my patients. I want to see you every week for 5-8 weeks. In that time we will know how your body and symptoms are responding to your acupuncture treatments. If you don't see any improvement in 5 weeks I say that I probably can't help this issue. Other practitioners say that isn't enough time but I want to see some type of response. I'm not saying you'll be completely healed in 5 treatments although some patients have been healed in one treatment.

Every patient and every new symptom responds differently. If you've had the issues going on for many years, typically it will take longer for them to resolve. That makes sense, doesn't it? My patients are so excited not to have to deal with having their pain or insomnia or anxiety etc. anymore.

After your symptoms are resolved (i.e. you're feeling great again) my advice is to come in once a month. That will assure that your body stays in an optimal state and will help you avoid other health issues or getting injured down the line. At a minimum I advise patients to come in once a quarter. If I could put everyone in a bubble after their symptoms go away and assure that life won't affect them I wouldn't have to see them again. But life, stress, toxins, emotions, poor eating habits - you name it - can affect your health. 99% of my patients say they look very forward to their appointments with me and feel so much better after every treatment. They're excited to come in again.

I can't wait to help you, too. Make an appointment today.


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