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Patients Love
Dr. Anne!

Natural Soap

Allison E. 33, Says:

"Dr. Anne is a miracle worker! She helped me dramatically lower my stress levels and eliminated chronic pain in my neck. I'm forever grateful."

Mother and Baby

Meghan S. 38, Says:

"I did TEN failed I.U.I Fertility treatments before I met Dr. Anne. After only a few months working with her, we got pregnant naturally. And then again with her help two years later."

Hygiene Products

Robert H. 53, Says:

Anyone who says that Acupuncture is painful has never been to see Dr. Anne.  The Acupuncture is so gentle and the treatment is so relaxing I even fell asleep!  And she cured my back pain - no more pain meds!

Aromatherapy Oil

Amy R. 45, Says:

Anne White changed my life! I spent two years with terrible chronic neck pain. Under Dr. Anne's care, I am now back to all the things I want to do. Her care included acupuncture, changes to my diet and supplements.
Truly life changing!

Herbal Medicine

Anthony R. 29, Says:

For many years, I suffered from sinus woes. I was lucky enough to visit Dr. Anne and am truly a new person. Headaches, facial pain, and fatigue have disappeared. There is a reason that acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. It works! She is the absolute best.

Dry Plants

Bob E. 35, Says:

Her treatments are a game changer:
Prior to my visit with Dr. White, I had no experience with acupuncture. I was astonished with the results.
I'm grateful to Dr. White for eliminating my back and neck pain. Whoohooo!

White Pills

Amy B. 56, Says:

Wow. Anne White hands down does the best acupuncture I've ever been given. I went to her with back pain and after a few sessions I feel like a new person. We cleared my menopause with acupuncture & herbs, too! Highly Recommend Her.

Hand Massage

Donna S. 49, Says:

I was so amazed at how Dr. Anne was able to focus in on why I was having my migraines.  She helped me to fix my gut, hormones and other issues with acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutritional advice, and my migraines went away.  I'm so grateful.

White Cream

Sarah H. 42, Says:

I arrived in Dr. Anne's office completely in shock after having lost both parents.She is a masterful practitioner and I do not say this lightly.
Four sessions later, I truly feel calm, steady, grounded and able to manage my grief in a really healthy way. Dr. Anne's Acupuncture is magic.

Acupuncture for pain

Joe S. 68, Says:

 I saw Dr. Anne to address pain in my knees and ankle. It worked! Unlike other acupuncturists I've seen, she uses very thin needles, so if you're afraid to try Acupuncture, this is pretty much painless. And SO relaxing. Dr. Anne is highly skilled, professional, personable, and genuine.  

Natural Medicine St. Louis

Sherri M 52, Says:

I worked with Dr. Anne when she was in California and she is the BEST. Dr. Anne helped me through several health issues including fatigue, recovery from a bike accident, and surgery recovery. I miss her and would recommend her very highly to anyone seeking acupuncture services!

Acupuncture St. Louis

Terri G. 63, Says:

Wow. Wow. Wow.  
Would happily give Dr. Anne at Sage Health a million stars if I could. I went in because I was feeling tired, lethargic and melancholy.  Huge difference in how I feel now. Anne is warm, professional and caring; her office is lovely, peaceful and beautiful. 

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