Does acupuncture hurt?  No, it doesn't hurt.  You need to understand that the needles we use are tiny, the size of a hair.  When people hear the word needle they freak out because their experience with them is getting shots - and those do hurt.  Ours doesn't - it sounds counterintuitive but it's actually very relaxing.

Do you recommend that I see you instead of my Western MD?  We never recommend that our patients stop seeing any of their Western MDs .  We work very well with your Western MD and we believe that both approaches are needed for your best health and healing.  Dr. Anne loves to work with your MD to help you feel your best.

What happens at my appointments?  At your first appointment you will discuss your health with Dr. Anne at length in a beautiful room.  She would also like to see any recent lab tests or imaging that you are able to bring.   After she has asked all of her questions and gains a good understanding about how to treat you, you will have a very relaxing acupuncture treatment.   On the first visit, so many patients say, "I'm a bit nervous because I'm afraid of needles".  To which we say - that's normal!  Anyone who has not experienced Acupuncture before will only know how the needles feel that draw your blood or sew your pants.  Ours are very different, they are tiny - the diameter of a human hair.  Most patients find our Acupuncture very relaxing and 90% of our patients even fall asleep.  

How long before I see results?  Some of our patients see results after the first treatment, with others it can take 3-5 treatments before things start to change.  Dr. Anne says if you don't see a change after 5 treatments, she might not be able to help you.  Results are very important to her and your quickest, best path to healing is her priority.

What should I wear for my appointment?  We recommend that you wear clothing that can be pushed above your knees and elbows.   You will be fully clothed for your visits.

Is there anything I should do or not do before my Acupuncture treatment?   It's best to eat before your Acupuncture treatment.  Also be sure not to drink caffeine within 2 hours of your treatment time.  Studies have shown that caffeine can impair the acupuncture from working as well. 

Why is your acupuncture different than a Chiropractor or Naturopathic Doctor or even my Physical Therapist?   Because Dr. Anne spent six years getting a Doctorate in Acupuncture, she learned unique, different and more effective methods and Acupuncture techniques.  The way that Chinese Medicine approaches Acupuncture is to look at each individual and see where their body is out of balance.  The other Practitioners mentioned are trained to look at and treat symptoms.  Dr. Anne looks at and treats the underlying reasons for the symptoms.  She learned how to rebalance your body on the deepest levels with Acupuncture and Herbal Prescriptions.  

How are you different from Modern Acupuncture or Community Acupuncture?   At both Modern Acupuncture and community acupuncture all patients are in the same room in chairs next to eachother.  We feel that this isn't as beneficial for your healing process.  We have our patients in individual private rooms so they can relax more deeply.  Our bodies heal when our nervous system is completely calm.  The body needs to be in the calm or "Parasympathetic nervous system mode" in order to heal itself.  Acupuncture, when done correctly, will put the body into that Parasympathetic - the rest, digest and heal - nervous system mode.  Our Acupuncture is so relaxing!