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acupuncture for fertility


Research shows that Acupuncture triples your chances of getting pregnant

More than anything we want you to feel empowered.  We understand that your body needs rebalancing and assistance before you become pregnant. We're here to help. Many women have challenges getting pregnant, you're not alone. Dr. Anne has helped MANY women get pregnant and she can help you, too.

Many studies show acupuncture greatly improves the outcome of all Assisted Reproductive Technologies (or ARTs) including IUI and IVF, and can triple the chances that you will get pregnant.


We see ourselves working as a team with you on the path to your healthy pregnancy. We also work very well with your OB-GYN or Reproductive Endocrinologist.


Our goal is not only for you to have a healthy pregnancy but also to help you feel happy, calm, and supported throughout the process.


Dr. Anne has helped many women get pregnant.  She's even found success with women who previously tried 10 IUI cycles and failed IVF. 


An added benefit is that Acupuncture will help you feel calmer throughout the process!  Come in and try Acupuncture for Fertility, you'll be glad you did.  

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