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Tips to avoid getting sick

Everyone is worried about getting sick these days, with good reason. We've been conditioned over the last few years to be hypervigilant.

I recommend taking 500-1000mg of Vitamin C three times per day for a month. Then take 1000mg per day ongoing.

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. You can go out in the sunlight for 15-20 minutes per day for the ultimate dosage. If you choose to take a Vitamin D supplement, be sure it also includes Vitamin K2. Taking Vitamin D without K2 can lead to osteoporosis and poor bone health. This is because Vitamin D takes Calcium out of the bones but Vitamin K2 transports it back in. It will also help safeguard against calcification in your arteries.

Zinc is a mineral that's great for immunity. The best way to get adequate zinc is through your diet. Google foods and zinc - aim to get at least 8-10mg per day from your diet.

I also recommend different things to patients based on what they need.

Be sure to get out and do some exercise. Even walking can do wonders for your immunity.

Watch your stress levels. Stress is not a friend to your immune system.

Do something kind and fun for yourself every day.

Take some time to breathe consciously for 5 minutes.

Get some acupuncture. Make an appointment today, acupuncture lowers stress levels and boosts your immune system. Scientific studies have proven it!


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