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How Acupuncture Heals Naturally

Acupuncture maximizes the body’s innate self healing mechanisms. The benefits of Acupuncture include a wonderful sense of well-being, better sleep quality, increased range of motion, less pain and emotional swings during menstruation, improved digestion, pain relief, and relaxation, to name just a few. Our bodies are constantly dealing with stressors that can be physical, emotional, and spiritual in nature. These stressors, if not addressed, can create an environment for disease to set in. For instance, constant emotional stress can cause some people to have tightness in their shoulders. Everyone holds their stress somewhere. If unaddressed this tightness can start to cause pain. Or it can move up into the neck and jaw causing TMJ and even numbness in the arms. Acupuncture can be used to relax the muscles, relieve pain and more importantly, it can treat the stress so that the root cause of the muscle tightness is addressed and not just the symptoms. In Chinese Medicine we look for the root cause so that we can resolve the problem not just treat the symptoms.

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