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Why Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

The Beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the best parts about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that we don’t treat symptoms; we find the root cause. Once that’s healed, the symptoms go away. This is healing at the deepest level.

Many centuries ago, doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine didn’t have fancy imaging to help their diagnosis. They relied on many years of non-egoic pattern observation. They grouped symptoms into patterns which led to the root cause.

Did you know those ancient doctors were only paid when people were healthy? If the patient got sick or diseased, they wouldn’t pay the doctor until they were well again. It’s a true model health focused on keeping people healthy instead of chasing and masking symptoms.

I’m not saying we don’t need Western Medicine; we do. I’m not trained to help if you have a heart attack or require surgery. But I can help you heal better and more quickly afterward. And in the case of a heart attack, I can help ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place. Make an appointment today, let's make sure you are healthy and feeling great!


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