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Self Care Tips

Self care and acupuncture

Self care plays a huge role in your overall health. It's so important to be kind to ourselves. We have to make time and space for little things in our day that really care for and nourish us. And what that will look like will be different for everyone but here are some ideas:


  • Exercise - A short walk, run, or bike ride is a great idea. Anything that gets your body moving for at least 10-15 min. Moving your body releases pent-up stress.

  • Foam Rolling - You can use it to release tension, massage sore muscles or even as a tool for body weight exercises.

  • Stand - Get up and move every hour or 1/2 hour. Stand up, stretch, walk around. Maybe do a sun salutation or hold plank pose for a minute.

  • Take a bath - Epsom salts are a wonderful addition to a bath. The Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and also helps soothe mental tension and promote restful sleep. I like to add 1-2 cups of epsom salts to a warm bath in the evening. Lavender essential oil is a nice touch, too.


  • Learn something new -Boredom isn't good for your mind. When you're not mentally stimulated, it can be easy to let anxious or fearful thoughts take over. Not that you shouldn't have any downtime in your day - you should. But if you're finding yourself bored often why not take the opportunity to learn? You could devote some time to online courses or self study. Or practice some new language skills

  • Meditate - My personal favorite and one of the best practices for your mind. Now is the perfect time to start or restart a meditation practice. This can be as simple as finding a quiet place in your home to be still and breathe deeply or I also love guided meditations. All you have to do is listen and breathe - Youtube has some great ones.

  • Get creative - Draw, paint, craft, journal, vision board, write, or go to town on a coloring book. I love the mandala coloring books - you can find them on Amazon.

  • Connect with loved ones - I like to check in with at least one person each day. Connecting with those you love feeds your soul and has been proven to reduce stress levels.

  • Appreciate natural beauty - While you're getting outside for some fresh air and exercise, pause to take int the beauty around you. Taking some time to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of the world around you can be very healing and soothing.


  • Get consistent acupuncture treatments - at least monthly so you assure that your body and mind stay in balance. When you're balanced you make better choices and feel amazing! Make an appointment with Dr. Anne today!


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