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Acupuncture Can Help Lack of Motivation

Are you or anyone you love lacking motivation lately? Acupuncture can help. A research study by the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine looked at how acupuncture influences the function of the brain. By using functional MRI imaging, the researchers were able to see certain areas of the brain were stimulated during the acupuncture treatments. The study confirmed that acupuncture specific points can activate motivation centers in the brain, thus leading to increased physical motivation in the participants.

Everybody experiences times where they have no motivation. Lack of motivation can be caused by many things: cold and dark weather, depression, nutritional deficiencies, rejection, and even not exercising.

Lacking motivation can be detrimental to your health.

Even though everybody knows they should be exercising and eating right and getting proper sleep, many of us choose not to – because we’re not motivated to do it! This becomes a bad habit that can actually develop into depression, fatigue, insomnia, and even nutritional deficiencies that can cause even worse physical problems. We tell ourselves we don’t have time or we have no motivation or willpower. These are just stories we tell ourselves. Everyone has time to care for themselves. It’s just a choice we have to make.

The reason Dr. Annie’s acupuncture works so well at addressing and correcting motivation (and all) problems is that it addresses the body holistically.

When people go to their medical doctor and tell them that they have no motivation, they are frequently prescribed antidepressants. But the problem with antidepressants is they don’t address the underlying causes – or root cause of the issue. In fact, another study showed that patients using SSRI’s (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) had clinically significant apathy. The SSRI’s made motivation worse!

Dr. Annie takes the whole picture into consideration: your body, mind, environment, and emotions. This allows for treatments to be customized to your individual needs instead of a one size fits all approach. It's very effective.

One of the first things to happen when the emotions become involved, our body begins to send signals to the digestive tract. Our digestive tract is considered our second brain. This is why those who lack motivation or become depressed often have no appetite. Energy comes from eating healthy foods. When we have no appetite, we tend to reach for those things like sweets and carbohydrates. These foods give us the quick “emotional high” that temporarily sedates the depressive feelings. But the excitement quickly goes away, leaving us right back where we started.

If you or someone you love is lacking in motivation, give us a call. Acupuncture and self-care techniques can help put the “pep” back in your step! Make an appointment today!


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