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Celebrities LOVE acupuncture

Acupuncture is utilized by many celebs and sports stars. They love it and most of them go on a regular basis even after their symptoms resolve because it helps them manage stress & stay healthy! Here's a few and there are many, many more...

Jennifer Aniston Treatment: Stress, Weight Loss, Cosmetics Listening to advice from her life-long friend, Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Aniston started using acupuncture. An insider close to Aniston said, “reduced her stress, made her skin glow, helped her with weight loss and made her happier”.

Matt Damon Treatment: Neck & Back Pain Matt Damon has been spotted with acupuncture needles in his ear. A representative of his later stated, “Matt had a terrible spasm in his neck/back, and he had to have acupuncture, those are acupuncture needles in his ear.”

Kim Kardashian Treatment: Stress, Pregnancy, Cosmetics Kim posted a picture of herself getting acupuncture treatment on Instagram, where she was using acupuncture for cosmetics. Kim understands the benefits of acupuncture and stress as well. In her Instagram post, she stated, “Oh just relaxing….” She is also using acupuncture to help with pregnancy.

Celine Dion Treatment: Fertility To bolster her chances of having a child Celine Dion received acupuncture treatment. She ended up conceiving with the help of the treatments.

Robert Downey Jr. Treatment: General Health & Wellbeing Robert Downey Jr. has been a big fan and supporter of Chinese Medicine. He won an award for his support in 2012. He attributes his two-decade run of good health entirely to Chinese medicine.

Penelope Cruz Treatment: Stress, Detox ABC News reported that Penelope Cruz had been sporting acupuncture beads in her ear during the premiere of her new movie, “Venuto Al Mondo”. Penelope uses acupuncture for stress, detox and another of health benefits.

Sandra Bullock

Treatment: General Health, Cosmetics

Sandra Bullock not only gets regular acupuncture treatment, but she also requires it to be a perk stipulated in her contract for any production/set work she does.

Mariah Carey

Treatment: Fertility, Stress

Carey has stated that she regularly uses acupuncture to help her battle stress. As well she mentioned that it is what helped her get pregnant.

Natalie Portman

Treatment: Fertility, Stress

Natalie Portman told Marie Claire magazine that she regularly uses acupuncture to overcome stress and to aid in fertility. In fact, the actress even said she uses it to supplement her exercise routine.

Stephen Collins

Treatment: Back Pain, Fatigue, Sleep

Collins wholeheartedly supports acupuncture and regularly posts about it on Twitter. In one of his posts, he stated that acupuncture has helped with his “back pain, adrenal fatigue, and interrupted sleep”.

Iman Abdulmajid

Treatment: General Health & Wellbeing

Iman claims that acupuncture is one of the “12 things she can’t live without”. It’s reported that she uses acupuncture for a number of reasons, including general health and wellbeing.

Valerie Harper

Treatment: Cancer

To strike a winning blow at her cancer, Valerie decided to use acupuncture. It’s been reported that her cancer receded into “close to remission”.


Treatment: Cosmetics, Face Lift

To keep her youthful look, Madonna uses acupuncture for cosmetics and a more natural face lift. Acupuncture can be used as a natural face lift without surgery or drugs.


Treatment: Cosmetics, Face Lift

Just like Madonna, Cher uses acupuncture for cosmetics, a more youthful look and a natural face lift.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Treatment: Health, Mental Wellbeing

Gwyneth Paltrow is a long time patient and supporter of acupuncture. In fact in an interview the Opera Winfree, Gwyneth Paltrow stated “I have been a big fan of Chinese medicine for a long time because it works.”

Jennifer Lopez

Treatment: Weight Loss

Lopez lost 15 pounds using acupuncture. In fact, she was so excited she told OK! Magazine that she used acupuncture therapy to drop 15 pounds.

Jessica Simpson

Treatment: Weight Loss

Just like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson received acupuncture for weight loss, which has assisted her in reaching her weight loss goals. Additionally Jessica Simpson “Loves” Cupping, another Chinese therapy often preformed by acupuncturists.

Sheryl Crow

Treatment: Cancer, General Health

In treating her breast cancer, Sheryl Crow used acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas. She was so happy with her results she has also recommended it to other celebrities, including Jen Aniston.

Oprah’s Dog

Treatment: Tight Left Side, General Health

Oprah believes so much in acupuncture that she even has her dog go and get $500 acupuncture treatments. Oprah mentioned her dog had a tight side, and acupuncture helps alleviate it. Oprah has also supported acupuncture on her show.

Helena Bonham Carter

Treatment: Fertility

Helena Bonham Carter used acupuncture for fertility and received excellent results, enabling her to get pregnant.

Paula Abdul

Treatment: Pain Relief

Paula Abdul has had a long history of pain. But to combat that she receives acupuncture treatments a few times a week. In fact, in an interview on Nightline, Paula Abdul said she receives acupuncture treatments several times a week for pain and nerve issues.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Treatment: Arthritis, General Health

The Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, reported to newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo that after acupuncture treatment that he has no doubt that acupuncture “cured his arthritis of the shoulder with some tiny needles”.

Elle Macpherson

Treatment: General Health & Wellbeing

Elle Macpherson told UK tabloid, News of the World, in an interview that “I have acupuncture regularly, and I see a Chinese doctor who treats most common ailments with herbs.”

Martha Stewart

Treatment: General Health, Wellbeing, Cosmetics

Even Martha Stewart has praised and received acupuncture on her show. She even had her acupuncturist come on her show and give a presentation of how the treatment works.

Gwen Stefani

Treatment: Headaches, Pregnancy, Pediatrics

Gwen Stefani uses acupuncture almost every day. In fact, an acquaintance close to her stated, “Gwen started doing Acupuncture to get rid of the severe migraine headaches that she gets during her pregnancies.” And even after her child Apollo was born, she still gets acupuncture and brings her son to the acupuncturist for pediatric acupuncture.

Marilyn Monroe

Treatment: Stomach Cramps

Yes, even Marilyn Monroe has received acupuncture treatment. During her Tokyo honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio, she reportedly came down with servere stomach cramps. So Joe DiMaggio had a Japanese doctor named Namikoshi Sensei treat Miss Monroe with acupuncture with great success.

Acupuncture can work for you, too. Make an appointment and see why everyone loves it so much.


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